Winter Honeymoon – Best Destinations By Month

So you have chosen the month to get married and booked your venue. You’re now starting to think about the honeymoon. Here’s a month by month guide to ensure you get the most out of your Winter honeymoon.

December Honeymoon

Mexico boasts warm and dry weather in December which can help create the perfect Winter honeymoon at a very reasonable cost. There are many top beach resorts which offer everything from energetic water sports activities to relaxing tours of the historical Mayan ruins and pyramids. End your day enjoying Mexican cuisine and a cocktail or two as you watch the sunset over the calm blue seas.

In December the Bahamas sees warm temperatures which allow you to work on your golden honeymoon tan. The comfortable temperatures leave you to discover the amazing natural beauty of the island and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.

Thailand is also perfect for a December honeymoon with ideal warmth and only a little rain. The nearby island of Langkawi in Malaysia offers a perfect climate in December too. With beautiful white sandy beaches, forest reservoirs, waterfalls and nature parks to discover, there’s always something to see and do there.

January Honeymoon

Parts of the Far East have great weather at this time of year, with something to suit every couple. Islands like Phuket allow you to unwind on the beautiful beaches or dive into the enticing turquoise water. Phuket offers many luxury hotels perfect for honeymooners. For something a little smaller and quieter you can visit the fishing port of Hua-Hin. To take things down one notch further the island of Cha-am has no nightlife or bright lights. Here you can really enjoy each other’s company and spend quiet nights together.

The Caribbean islands are also beautiful in January, and make a great Winter honeymoon choice. They are perfect for honeymooners with beautiful scenery, crystal clear water and soft white sand. Dive around the coral reefs and enjoy this romantic destination. With so many islands it can be hard to pick the best one for you. You can visit the lively islands such as Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados or you can visit the sheltered beaches of Turks & Caicos or St Lucia.

Both the Maldives and Mauritius are fantastic at this time of year as well. The Maldives are like no other place in the world providing a tranquil secluded sanctuary and have been voted one of the top five places on earth for dolphin and whale watching. Mauritius combines a relaxing holiday with activities such as mountain walking trips, deep sea fishing and busy markets.

February Honeymoon

The weather in February is still good in parts of the Far East with Thailand being one of the most popular winter honeymoon destinations. In particular the lively island of Koh Samui and the quieter island of Phuket are popular at this time of year.

Hawaii is also fantastic in February and you can pick between the six different islands. See cascading waterfalls and enjoy a fresh water natural shower at the tallest sea mountain in the world. Offering a range of hotels, from boutique hotels to large resorts, Hawaii has something for everyone.

For somewhere different, try Mexico. It has great weather in February and is a good destination for people looking to honeymoon on a budget. It provides everything from sun, sea and sand to local culture including stunning temples and ruins in the Mayan area.

If you are really looking for a memorable once in a lifetime adventure then Kenya is perfect in February. Go on safari and seek out the big five – elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and buffalo.

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