Who Does What?

When it comes to a wedding day, there are many important participants who help ensure that the event is successful. Whether you are the groom or the best man, one of the most common questions among the participants is “who does what in a wedding?” Here, we go into detail about the wedding responsibilities of the ushers, parents of the groom, best man, and even the groom himself!


If you think that the groom’s only job is to just show up for the wedding, you might be surprised to learn that you actually have traditional duties to fulfill. Depending on the person you marry, you may even be expected to be heavily involved in the wedding planning. Luckily, with our short and sweet guide to the typical responsibilities of the groom, you’ll be able to easily complete these responsibilities.

Father of the Groom

Are you the father of the groom asking yourself who does what in a wedding? As a father, your responsibilities can be tricky to navigate, but fortunately, we can ensure that the process goes smoothly. From the best ways to support your son to the most appropriate wedding day attire, we’ve got you covered in this father of the groom checklist.

Best Man

Do you want to be the best man possible? Of course, you do! The best man is an important role with many responsibilities; therefore, it’s extremely important that you live up to the expectations. We’ve listed all of the essential best man duties so that you’ll definitely be prepared for the big day!

Wedding Ushers

Wedding ushers are great roles for the groom’s brothers, friends, and cousins, but what exactly are their responsibilities in a wedding? While the exact duties can vary slightly from wedding to wedding, ushers can expect to play an integral role during this special event. Make sure that you know these ins and outs of being an usher on the big day!

Mother of the Groom

Many moms of the groom mistakenly believe that they do not play an important role in their son’s wedding. After all, isn’t it the bride’s day? But like the bride’s mother, the groom’s mother has many responsibilities that are important in the wedding. They just need to know what is expected of them. To help create a successful wedding, you’ll want to check out these key mother of the groom wedding duties.