Wedding Fairs – Survival Guide for Grooms

Nothing tends to divide a couple more than wedding fairs. These often expose the fundamental difference in approach between the average groom and the average bride.

For the average bride, the wedding planning process is something to be enjoyed (for the most part, at least). For the average groom, wedding planning is simply a list of jobs to get done.

What are they?

Wedding fairs show off the wedding industry in all of its turbo-charged, pastel coloured, crystal encrusted glory. Basically, we are talking about a large room (or rooms) full of various wedding suppliers and their stalls. They often take place in wedding venues which are themselves available to hire. It’s rare to be charged admission – these people are trying to sell to you.

Florists will bring along beautiful bouquets. Wedding dress shops will bring their most beautiful dresses. Photographers will have amazing displays. There’ll be things you never even considered having at your wedding. Chocolate fountain? Magician? Personalized bags of sweets?

Are they useful?

Wedding fairs are a great way to get ideas and inspiration. But that may be something your fiancee is more interested in than you. Are they a great way to get things done? Possibly.

You can chat to suppliers and get an idea of your favourites. But in reality you can achieve that by spending an hour or two on the phone.

Make the most of it

If you find yourself at a wedding fair, make the most of it. There’ll probably be wedding car hire firms there, with some really nice vintage vehicles parked outside. Check them out. There will definitely be catering firms there, and they frequently offer free samples. Try them out (in the interests of research, of course). You may even find a wedding lingerie stall – feel free to make helpful suggestions to your fiancee.

But above all, try to look interested in everything your partner shows you. For most grooms, wedding fairs are an exercise in keeping your fiancee happy. And of course, that’s part of what marriage is all about.

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