The Honeymoon

Just like most vacations, the timing and destination of your honeymoon can affect important factors such as the weather, price, crowds, and activities. Because of this well-known fact, we’ve narrowed down the top honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoon Planning

The most memorable trip of your life will probably be your honeymoon. Since planning the trip is primarily the groom’s responsibility, you need to make the vacation exciting, stress-free, and affordable. To help you plan a honeymoon that you’ll never forget, we share some great tips for choosing the destination, getting travel insurance, and saving money.

Places to Honeymoon

Honeymoon In New York City

Although it’s true that New York City is a touristy place, there are unique things to do in the Big Apple on your honeymoon. To ensure that your honeymoon doesn’t involve too many tourist traps, we’ve complied a list of interesting activities for a NYC honeymoon.

Honeymoon In Paris

Often known as a great city for love and romance, Paris is a dream come true for many honeymooners. But with so many things to do in Paris, some grooms may not know the best places to take their bride in this lovely city. Don’t go to Paris without checking out these romantic activities.

Honeymoon In London

Searching for the most romantic things to do in London? You’ve come to the right place. Plan your perfect London honeymoon with our excellent suggestions!

Honeymoon Locations by Season

Winter Honeymoon (Dec-Feb)

If summer is not really your thing, why not opt for a winter honeymoon instead? These winter honeymoon destinations are ones that we handpicked to help you have a memorable trip.

Autumn Honeymoon (Sept-Nov)

Couples who are getting hitched in the fall can take advantage of some excellent autumn honeymoon destinations. Discover the best autumn honeymoon destinations with our comprehensive guide.

Summer Honeymoon (June-Aug)

Whether you are getting married in the summer or delaying your honeymoon in favor of warmer weather, a summer honeymoon is desired by many couples. A honeymoon during this time of the year may be ideal, but do you know where to go? See our roundup of the most amazing summer honeymoon destinations around the world.

Spring Honeymoon (March-May)

Jamaica. Hawaii. Mexico. These places all sound like perfect spring honeymoon destinations, right? We think so! Here’s more information about our top spring honeymoon destinations recommendations.