Money Saving Tips for Grooms

These days few grooms can rely on the bride’s parents footing the entire wedding bill, meaning that the wedding (and of course squeezing in a stag party!) can become a bit of a financial event. Most grooms are taken aback by the average wedding costs. According to You and Your Wedding magazine the average cost … Read more

Wedding Insurance – Quick Guide

Be Prepared The number one piece of advice for grooms is to be prepared for every eventuality. Unfortunately, this includes planning for the worst case scenario. What if your photographer doesn’t turn up on the day? What if you or your fiancee is ill on your wedding day? Wedding insurance can’t prevent chance events from spoiling … Read more

Wedding Ushers – Quick Guide

Wedding Ushers - Quick Guide

Who chooses the ushers? This is the groom’s job. Technically they are “the groom’s ushers”. In reality, most grooms will have to take their fiancee’s views into account when choosing the wedding ushers. Asking someone to be an usher is a great way of making them feel included in the wedding, and gives important brothers, cousins … Read more

Father of the Groom – Duties and Tips for Dad

Father Of The Groom – Duties And Tips For Dad

At first glance it may appear that the father of the groom does not play a particularly big role in the wedding ceremony, being overshadowed by the father of the bride. Whilst the responsibilities of the father of the groom are not high profile, they are very important. Support your son First and foremost, your … Read more

Groom Duties – Traditional Jobs for the Groom

The groom has to do a lot more than just show up and get married! Most couples treat wedding planning as a joint venture, and you may be involved in many aspects of the preparations. However, there are a number of traditional groom duties which are your responsibility alone. 1. Chose Your Outfit It’s conventional … Read more