Wedding Rings – Advice for Grooms

By tradition, the groom buys his future wife’s wedding ring, although these days many couples split the cost. Even if you are paying, it’s a good idea to let your wife choose the wedding ring or at least ask her what type of ring she wants. Do I need to wear one too? In continental … Read more

Groom’s Buttonhole – Choosing and Fixing

We need to talk flowers. Wake up at the back! What is it? It’s traditional for the groom to wear a flower in the buttonhole of his lapel. The groom’s buttonhole (as this type of mini-flower arrangement is known) will usually be prepared by the florist who does all the other flowers for the wedding. Design … Read more

Groom’s Outfit – Advice for Grooms

Groom's Outfit - Advice for Grooms

The traditional groom’s outfit is a morning suit. This means a black morning coat, black and grey striped trousers, a waistcoat and tie. However, many men choose something less traditional. Black tie weddings are increasingly common, as are weddings in lounge suits (every day suits). But if you’re going for traditional groom attire, here’s what you … Read more

The Perfect Shave – Advice for Grooms

It’s your wedding day and you want to look good. Brides might spend hours on their hair and make-up. For grooms it’s easier, but there’s one thing you need to get right: the perfect shave. No nicks, no irritation, no red bumps. Just a comfortable, close shave. Follow these tips and you’ll be a well-groomed groom. … Read more

Wedding Fairs – Survival Guide for Grooms

Nothing tends to divide a couple more than wedding fairs. These often expose the fundamental difference in approach between the average groom and the average bride. For the average bride, the wedding planning process is something to be enjoyed (for the most part, at least). For the average groom, wedding planning is simply a list of … Read more

Wedding Invitations – Guide for Grooms

Wedding invitations are commonly sent out two to three months prior to the wedding day. Your wedding invitation is a usually a guest’s “first impression” of your wedding, so it deserves a bit of care. Both the style of the invitation and the wording are important. Style of invitation A traditional wedding invitation is a … Read more

Wedding Gift List – Advice for Grooms

Most couples have a wedding gift list. The most popular choice is a gift list with a nationwide department store, but gift lists with online-only companies are increasingly common. One list or two? Consider having two gift lists, one with a department store and one with an online retailer (e.g. Amazon do wedding lists). Having everything … Read more

Top 10 Wedding Websites for 2019

There are many options open to you when creating a wedding website, some free, others offering premium content and features for a price. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t know which way to turn. We’ve put together the top 10 wedding websites of 2019, each with offering their services for unique and busy couples. … Read more