Honeymoon Planning – Advice for Grooms

Honeymoon Planning - Advice for Grooms

It’s traditional for the groom to make the arrangements for the honeymoon. It’s also traditional for the groom to pay for the honeymoon, but luckily for you, most couples split the bill these days! Honeymoon planning is best sorted out early on. You may be thinking of last minute bargains, but in the run up … Read more

Wedding Disco – Guide to DJ Hire

You’ve tied the knot, made your groom’s speech, had your first dance, and had a drink or two. Now it’s time to celebrate. Most wedding receptions end with either a live band or a disco. A wedding disco is the more common alternative. Here’s our guide to getting it right. Book direct, or through an agency? It can be surprisingly … Read more

Wedding Cars – Guide for Grooms

If it’s got four wheels then it’s man territory. It’s not compulsory to hire special wedding cars for the big day. Some couples on a tight budget ask their friends to drive them on the day of their wedding, or even drive themselves. But if your budget is higher, there are various transport options. The … Read more