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It’s common for the groom to buy his best man a gift, to thank him for his help. This is something you can do well in advance of the wedding, so save yourself last minute hassle by buying your gift earlier rather than later.

Ideally you should know your best man well enough to know the sort of things he likes. If not, here’s a few ideas:

  • A pair of cufflinks. Give them to your best man in advance, and he can wear them on the day.
  • A decent bottle of single malt whisky.  An appropriately manly gift.
  • A good quality fountain pen.  For your best man to whip out when the witnesses are signing the register.
  • A Swiss army knife.  Because a best man should be prepared and equipped for all eventualities.
  • A stopwatch.  For making sure that events run to time.  Also for the sweepstake on who has the longest speech.
  • A hip flask.  In case you need some Dutch courage on the day.
  • A business card holder.  For when the best man is taking care of business.
  • A rare or first edition book in an area that interests him.
  • An event voucher.  Maybe a driving experience, spa day or clay pigeon shooting.