Funding Your Wedding – Saving and Budgeting

Recent statistics indicate that the average wedding is likely to cost over £20,000 – bad news for grooms to be. If you don’t want your bank account to take a hit then it’s crucial to begin planning early. Here’s how to get your finances in order before the big day.

1. Set a budget

The first step is to set yourself a spending limit. Sit down with your other half, and discuss what you both want out of your dream wedding.  Then discuss what you can afford to spend as an overall sum.

2. Look at alternative funding

If the number that you come up with seems too low to fund the wedding you both want, then don’t panic. Few couples are responsible for entirely funding their own weddings, with many seeking financial support from close relatives. Ask – as tactfully as possible – if your relatives are prepared to supplement the cost of your wedding. If they are, this could help reduce the amount you need to save.

3. Open a savings account

Once you have identified a target amount, it’s time to get started with saving. Research different banks to find the best savings account for you, making sure you compare like with like as opposed to looking only at headline rates. A regular bank account could be a good option if you’re planning to put a set amount away every month.

4. Scrimp and save

The more cuts you are prepared to make to your current lifestyle, the quicker you will be able to achieve your target sum. Take some time to create a day-to-day budget, using past bank statements, utility and credit card bills to add up your expenditure. Once you know roughly how much you spend, consider areas in which cuts might be made. For example, could you save by switching to a cheaper mobile phone tariff or by changing utility providers?

Inevitably, accruing enough cash to fund your wedding will require some sacrifices. It might mean forgoing your annual summer holiday, cutting down on big nights out or curtailing your shopping habits. Retain your motivation by keeping your goals in sight, and remembering that your frugality should be amply rewarded.

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