Wedding Website Ideas – What Info To Include

With online templates available from a variety of websites, those looking to create a wedding website need not sweat it because instructions are nearly foolproof in that they walk users through the process, step-by-step. However, you must ensure you include all necessary information. Read on to discover our best wedding website ideas. Getting Started The … Read more

Wedding Invitations – Guide for Grooms

Wedding invitations are commonly sent out two to three months prior to the wedding day. Your wedding invitation is a usually a guest’s “first impression” of your wedding, so it deserves a bit of care. Both the style of the invitation and the wording are important. Style of invitation A traditional wedding invitation is a … Read more

Wedding Gift List – Advice for Grooms

Most couples have a wedding gift list. The most popular choice is a gift list with a nationwide department store, but gift lists with online-only companies are increasingly common. One list or two? Consider having two gift lists, one with a department store and one with an online retailer (e.g. Amazon do wedding lists). Having everything … Read more

Top 10 Wedding Websites for 2022

There are many options open to you when creating a wedding website, some free, others offering premium content and features for a price. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t know which way to turn. We’ve put together the top 10 wedding websites of 2019, each with offering their services for unique and busy couples. … Read more

Money Saving Tips for Grooms

These days few grooms can rely on the bride’s parents footing the entire wedding bill, meaning that the wedding (and of course squeezing in a stag party!) can become a bit of a financial event. Most grooms are taken aback by the average wedding costs. According to You and Your Wedding magazine the average cost … Read more