Top 10 Wedding Websites for 2022

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There are many options open to you when creating a wedding website, some free, others offering premium content and features for a price. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t know which way to turn. We’ve put together the top 10 wedding websites of 2019, each with offering their services for unique and busy couples.

Why do I need a wedding website?

You might have started reading this thinking, why do I need to create a site? The truth is that in 2019, everything has gone digital. And when you’re dealing with a long guest list, multiple events, and the need for information gathering, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to build a website. Keep in mind that each website builder is unique and comes with its own set of perks and hang ups. That’s why it’s so important to do you research and pick the best one for your wedding and your guest list.

Take a look at these ten websites and what type of couple would most likely pick them.

For the couple that likes: control, website building, and getting creative


SQUARESPACE Wedding Website Creation Image
SQUARESPACE Wedding Website Creation

If you want to create your website from scratch, think about using Squarespace, a website builder that offers templates specifically for weddings. If you want complete control over your customization and support to back you up, you’ll be happy with this choice.

  • Squarespace customization does not come for free, however. Try it out using their 2-week free trial. After that, you’ll pay $12-$18 per month to keep the website up.
  • On the upside, you can get a customized domain name for a full year included in the monthly price.
  • Squarespace’s templates include RSVP forms, photo galleries, and all the custom pages your heart desires.
  • For your privacy, Squarespace allows you to password protect pages and also gives you the option to hide the website from search engines so your website is not available for the world to find.
  • You are able to set up a registry to take cash donations within Squarespace while also linking to outside registries to provide one easy place for your guests to see your gift lists.



WIX Wedding Website Creation Image
WIX Wedding Website Creation

Wix is a free wedding website builder that allows you to pay for upgrades. Like Squarespace, Wix is available for all kinds of websites. So, if you are knowledgeable with website building, you can customize quite a bit.

  • Wix allows you to build a website for free by adding their branding to your link and your layout. Their drag and drop editor is easy to use. The Wix website cost is $11-$29 per month for a custom domain and custom page layouts without any branding.
  • Wix has page templates to take RSVPs as well as photo galleries of engagement sessions, childhood photos, and more. The sky is the limit.
  • Wix does not have a registry option but you can add links to outside registries on a custom page.

Check out WIX

For the couple that likes: all-in-one services and premade templates


MINTED Wedding Website Creation Image
MINTED Wedding Website Creation

Minted is a platform mainly known for beautifully crafted invitations, name cards, and more. But they also have a free wedding website builder. Whether you use Minted elsewhere for your wedding, their easy to use platform will give you a good idea of what information you should share with your guests and wedding party.

  • The biggest perk of using Minted is getting access to a website that matches your invitations if you buy your invitations directly from Minted. Their designs are custom made from designers that will work with you for the perfect invitation.
  • If you are willing to pay a $20 premium fee, you can create your own domain name and gain the ability to upload a photo gallery, password protect certain pages, and add custom pages to your site.
  • With the free version you can add an RSVP form as well as post travel accommodations, event information, links to registries, and a homepage at no cost.
  • All websites created are not actively searchable in search engines according to the Minted website.

Check out MINTED


ZOLA Wedding Website Creation Image
ZOLA Wedding Website Creation

Zola is an online wedding registry service that can integrate with their free wedding websites. If you want a one stop shop for all of your guests needs from event information to gift shopping, this might be your pick.

  • Zola’s wedding website is completely free with an option to buy a custom domain name like Minted.
  • Zola also has an RSVP form for guests to fill out.
  • Unlike Minted, Zola allows for custom pages and photo galleries at no extra cost.
  • You’ll be able to password protected certain pages or hide your website completely from search engines.
  • Mange a registry completely with Zola and upload it to your site while also linking to outside registries if you have any.
  • Create invites and other paper products that match your website design through Zola’s paper products.

Check out ZOLA


THE KNOT Wedding Website Creation Image
THE KNOT Wedding Website Creation

The Knot prides itself in being a website so easy to use that “even grandma” will get it. The Knot is an online service that offers a step by step guide to wedding planning. Engaged couples can search for reviews on venues, photographers, caterers, and much more. They offer a free wedding website as part of the process.

  • The Knot’s wedding website is free or you can pay $20 for a custom domain, which has been pretty standard so far.
  • What’s nice about the RSVP feature with The Knot is that you can keep it private by providing a guest list ahead of time. You’ll be able to customize plus ones and family members as well.
  • The Knot also offers a photo album feature and will allow you to add pictures to their page templates.
  • Password protection and hiding your site from search engines is available with the free version of the website.
  • The Knot syncs with your wedding registries and shows them as a “wish list,” taking pictures and descriptions from the original registry.
  • The Knot has a guestbook that allows you to post messages to your guests with last minute details and schedule changes, or just to say thanks.

Check out THE KNOT

For the couple that likes: online access for themselves and the guests


JOY Wedding Website Creation Image
JOY Wedding Website Creation

Joy is a free wedding website that offers a mobile app for you and your guests. Go paperless or do a mixture of both online and paper, Joy can handle both options. If you like seeing guest photos and want everyone to have access to your information on their phones, this is a great free option.

  • The Joy wedding website is 100% free and they don’t offer a custom domain option through their site. If you want a custom domain, you can purchase a domain name from a site like GoDaddy and integrate it into the platform.
  • Their RSVP feature integrates directly with the guestbook. Your guests can get announcements from you and also interact with each other.
  • You are able to upload photos onto custom pages and link to your wedding registries manually as Joy does not sync with any registry.
  • You can password protect pages through this platform but there isn’t a way to hide the website from search engines.
  • Have your guests download the Joy app to take part in the guestbook and share photos and videos throughout your wedding night. You’ll want to see the wedding through their eyes.

Check out JOY


EWEDDING Wedding Website Creation Image
EWEDDING Wedding Website Creation

EWedding is an online wedding planning platform that suggests you kick your wedding planner to the curb because you won’t need them with all of their services. With a free website and mobile app, they might be right. This website is great for people who want to also use their planning services. offers so much to their customers all online. If you’re willing to go premium to get these services, this will be for you.

  • EWedding allows you to manage everything online from your guest list to your seating chart to presenting information on travel, accommodations, and more.
  • For a fee of $9 per month for premium and $27 per month for premium plus, amp up the security on your site with a closed guestbook, SSL on guests’ information, and other premium functions.
  • The free version of this site won’t let you customize the RSVP feature. You must go premium to upload your guestbook.
  • This website will let you do so much more than upload a photo gallery. You can blog about your journey, post polls and quizzes, and even ask a general question to your guest list.
  • There is no registry access through EWedding but you are able to link to any outside registries with the free version.
  • EWedding has a mobile app and a guest “Wall” that photos and videos can be uploaded to throughout your wedding.

Check out EWEDDING


ZANKYOU Wedding Website Creation Image
ZANKYOU Wedding Website Creation

Get a free website using, the most popular European wedding registry. Research their list of vendors, wedding locations, and read their blog to help you plan. If you are having a wedding anywhere in Europe or have relatives who live there, you definitely want to use this website for their registry, if not also their free website.

  • is a wedding planning tool, registry, and website builder all in one. They offer a free website that you can pay to upgrade to a custom domain if desired.
  • Zankyou allows you to print a free card with your website link to go in with wedding invitations for online RSVPs. RSVPs will sync to your guestbook.
  • You can upload a photo gallery, create a wedding playlist, and customize other pages with information about your wedding.
  • Zankyou will let you password protect pages and hide your site from search engines.
  • Since is a wedding gift registry, you can create registry and have it automatically synced to your website. If you choose to use other registries, you can link to those as well.
  • While there is no mobile app, guests can access your website from their phones and upload photos and videos through the guestbook.

Check out ZANKYOU


WEDDINGWIRE Wedding Website Creation Image
WEDDINGWIRE Wedding Website Creation

WeddingWire rivals The Knot as a wedding planning service. You get access to a checklist, vendor and venue searches, and a forum with other engaged couples. If you like The Knot, but want more support and access to a mobile app, WeddingWire is for you.

  • WeddingWire offers their wedding website for free and they don’t have a custom domain buy option. Like with Joy, you can use a domain buying service like GoDaddy to purchase a custom domain and integrate it.
  • The RSVP feature will sync to your guestbook, which will allow guests to use the WeddingWire app specifically for guests.
  • This app will allow guests to upload photos and videos of your wedding and reception.
  • Customize pages and upload a photo gallery, information about your wedding, and any other information your guests might need.
  • WeddingWire can password protect pages and hide your site from search engines.
  • Use WeddingWire’s registry to sync directly to your site or link to an outside registry. You can even do both.



APPYCOUPLE Wedding Website Creation Image
APPYCOUPLE Wedding Website Creation

AppyCouple is an all-digital solution for wedding planning, invites, and website as well as a mobile app. It’s a lot like EWedding, with some light tweaks. AppyCouple helps when certain details are in flux and has a guest only app instead of a guest wall. For the more tech savvy, you might like this better.

  • AppyCouple charges a one-time fee of $49 for their Boutique plan or $89 for their Luxury plan to create a website. The Luxury plan has even more designs and packages that are higher quality than Boutique, but both offer the same services.
  • The RSVP forms are customizable and can be used even if you aren’t sure of plus one’s or children’s names. Everyone who RSVPs will be added to the guestbook.
  • All pages are customizable. You can add pictures, countdowns and other widgets, and a picturesque homepage.
  • AppyCouple can password protect pages and hide your site from search engines.
  • You can link to outside registries on custom pages.
  • AppyCouple has a free-for-guests mobile app for uploading photos and communicating through the guestbook before and during your wedding.


So how do I choose?

Most of these sites offer demos of their websites so you can see the layout and interact with the different features. Ask yourself what you want your website to say. What kind of information do you need to provide? Event information is a must, but what about travel arrangements, hotel, wedding party bios? It’s up to the bride and groom how much they want to share and how much they want to customize their websites. There is no right or wrong answer, that’s the beauty of it.

These ten websites offer a ton of support to help you get started. Whether you are tech savvy or need to plug in information and be on your way, there’s a site for you. If cost is a factor, go for a free wedding website builder. The custom domains look great, but they aren’t completely necessary to share information.

Do you know what the best part of these wedding websites are? They serve as a memory of your wedding day for years to come. Whether guests can upload photos or not, you have an online keepsake that you can look back on.

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