Before The Wedding

Before you get too excited about your upcoming wedding, there are many things that need to happened to ensure that your special event is a big success. Before the wedding consider the following guides.

Best Wedding Websites 2022

Your wedding is going to need a wedding website to receive RSVPs, give helpful information to guests, and help guests determine where to stay. Our guide will help you choose a site that is sure to be a success!

Gift For The Best Man

One of the most overlooked heroes of your wedding day is the best man. Whether your best man is a brother, best friend, or cousin, this unsung hero deserves a token of appreciation. Thank your best man for helping you get through the wedding madness with one of these thoughtful gifts.

Funding Your Wedding

True or false: Getting married can be extremely expensive. If you have performed even just a little bit of wedding research, then you know that things can add up quickly. Before planning this special event, make sure that you consider these great ideas for funding your wedding.

Wedding Insurance

Unexpected illness. Adverse weather conditions. These unforeseen events may disrupt your celebration plans, but luckily, some of your prepaid expenses may be covered with wedding insurance. Check out these many benefits of wedding insurance.

Money Saving Tips For Grooms

Traditionally, the bride’s parents are supposed to pay for the wedding, but many grooms need to help foot the bill these days. There are ways to cut costs, but you need to know these excellent money saving tips.

Wedding Gift List

Creating a wedding gift list doesn’t need to be a stressful part of your wedding planning experience. The activity can actually be fun if you do things right. Our guide will help you get the wedding gifts you desire without too much effort.

Wedding Invitations

Are you ready to announce your wedding to close family and friends with a beautiful wedding invitation? Whether you want a wedding with a large crowd or a small group of close loved ones, you need to know the right way to invite guests. We’ve rounded up some helpful ideas regarding some appropriate wedding invitation’s styles and wording.

Wedding Fairs

Due to the many suppliers that are offered at this event, wedding fairs are a great opportunity to obtain inspiration for your wedding. Although you probably won’t be interested in these events as much as your fiancee, you should still make the most of wedding fairs with our tips.

9 Groom Responsibilities During Wedding Planning

The popular expression that “weddings are the bride’s day” has lead many grooms to mistakenly believe that all they need to do is show up for this important celebration. The truth of the matter is that you have many tasks to mark off a check list before saying “I do.” Continue reading to discover 9 groom responsibilities you can take on during the planning stages of the wedding.