Autumn Honeymoon – Best Destinations By Month

So you have chosen the month to get married and booked your venue. You’re now starting to think about the honeymoon. Here’s a month by month guide to ensure you get the most out of your Autumn honeymoon.

September Honeymoon

September is the best time to visit Kenya, as it’s during this part of the dry season that the wildebeest migration occurs. Whilst there, enjoy on a stimulating safari around the Masai Mara and meet with the Masai tribes.

For a more classic beach honeymoon in Autumn, the temperatures in Mauritius are lovely in September as they range between 18-24°C. The island is home to some amazing beaches, a variety of outdoor activities and many attractions. Mauritius is small yet intimate so that every area is within an hour’s drive.

You could also try Tahiti which located in the middle of the southern Pacific Ocean. It provides picture perfect secluded beaches and turquoise waters. Relax on the attractive beaches by day and enjoy laid back entertainment by night.

If you are looking to save money on your Autumn honeymoon then Thailand offers a cost-effective option in September. It is rainy season but is still warm at this time of year. You may experience short bursts of rain in the afternoon, but it can feel refreshing after a hot day. Enjoy the busy atmosphere of Bangkok and in the south, experience the beautiful beaches.

Bali beaches are also beautiful in September. This island is home to complete relaxation and traditional culture. We recommend a serene massage on the beach for a start.

October Honeymoon

To chase the sun in the Autumn for your honeymoon you could try the Middle East, in particular Oman or Dubai. Relax in a luxurious hotel, a stone’s throw away from a picture-perfect beach. In October, the weather is still hot but not as hot as the oppressive heat of the summer. Dubai provides many world-famous deluxe hotels and provides many attractions including golf, tax free shopping and water parks.

A trip to Kenya allows you to combine a beach honeymoon with a safari honeymoon. End the days with a romantic stroll along the coast of the calm Indian Ocean where you will find stunning golden sandy beaches and luxury beach hotels.

Elsewhere in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles all have weather that is moving towards the best time of year. You can find some good prices ahead of that peak Christmas season.

November Honeymoon

The Caribbean is perfect for a honeymoon in November with satisfying temperatures between 24-30°C throughout the month. They will have finished their rainy season and so the countryside looks particularly lush at this time of year. With so many beautiful islands to chose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Mauritius continues to be good throughout November and all areas of its beautiful landscape are available for you to explore. We recommend you try and see the island’s amazing seven coloured volcanic rock formations and beautiful waterfalls.

Also in the Indian Ocean, November is the time for celebrations in the Maldives for Republic Day. So join in with the friendly locals and enjoy all the festivities on offer.

November marks the start of summer season in the Southern hemisphere, so why not visit South Africa and enjoy their beautiful beaches along the Garden Route as well as the lush green valleys of Drakensberg?

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